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Welcome to the EXPONENT link's page.
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AKAI pro
Official Akai website
AKAI synthzone
Links to helpful Akai sites - a great site for learning more about your sampler
Analogue Solutions
Suppliers of modular synths
Analogue Systems
Suppliers of modular synths
Fan run website, but the best Autechre resource on the web
Autechre discography
A library of all works by autechre
Analogue Heaven
Good synths dont die, they just go to heaven
Analog X
Freeware audio apps for PC
Adam F
An example of amazing web design
Artificial Intelligence
Free downloadable samples

Bourbon biscuits breakbeats
All the classic breaks in 44.1 stereo. CHECK THIS OUT!
BS1 records
Samples and technique. CHECK THIS OUT!
Free samples
Breakbeat Paradise
Free sample resource
BS1 Records
A recently launched label from Bristol, with a nice web site
Check out the fantastic Be/OS, a multimedia dedicated OS, now part of palm
User supplied mods, drivers and programs for BeOS (also see LeBuzz for BeOs audio updates)
Be news
Details of the newest updates for BeOS
Boards of Canada
Official website
FREE open source music software. Fantastic array of noise making equipment, and the program is bundled with many plugins
Bill Hicks
The late comedy genius
Beats and samples
Downloadable samples

Suppliers of DSP based synths and samplers
Pulsar Scope user devices
Free plug-ins for Creamware cards
C Sounds
Open source programming language for audio
Cookd and Bombd
Subversive Chris Morris site
Cycling 74
Developers of Max/MSP, audio design software
C signal processing
Information about optimising audio code.

Drum and Bass Arena
A very impressive site about Jungle, Drum and Bass, breakbeats, etc... Featuring downloads of videos and interviews with major artists. Also check the forum, where you can catch Exponent
Decoder on MP3.com
Fat Drum and Bass Mp3s
The Designers Republic
Graphic designers, looking good
DJ Samples
Sample site
Digidesign official site
DSP source
If you can understand (or want to understand) DSP programming this is the page for you
Suppliers of modular synths
Free DLs for apps, drivers and eveything else
Don Cross
Open source audio programming language
Audio C++ tutorials
DAFX papers
Papers presented at the 2000 DAfx
Dogs on acid
Drum and bass news and discussion

Electronic Musician magazine USA
Technique biased articles
Elektor magazine
DIY electronics. little audio related content, but an excellent system development resource

Future Music
Magazine about writing tunes and equipment
Fortune City
Samples from Moog, Arp, Roland, synths, percussion.....
Freeware VST plugin directory
Get some free VST action
Freak Recordings
Drum and Bass label featuring Dylan
Free C++ fft package

Grid break thread
Lots of info and downloads of breakbeats

DIY synth projects for the more advanced synth DIY'er

Julius Orion Smith III
A goldmine of DSP related stuff. Lots of information about BLITs and filters, both IIR and FIR
Joliet file system by Thomas Tempelmann
Sorts your mac out wih joliet CD capabilities
Juggling info service, with many videos
Jungle breaks
Downloadable samples

Manufacturers of software synths that work with Digidesign systems
Killer beats
Free downloadable samples

Audio specific updates and drivers for BeOS
Audio sample loops
FREE operating system.CHECK THIS OUT!

8 bit purists
Mother of all modulars
Build a new module each month
Macbeth Studio Systems
And we're not talking about Shakespeare
Monkey Logic
Fat free tunes. Highly Recommended!!
Maximum Midi
Midi programmers toolkit for C++
Magic Mushroom
Squeegee your third eye!
DnB forum mod, top tunes within.CHECK THIS OUT!
The Midi specification
As in the complete spec...

Suppliers of DIY synths, filters and other fun stuff!
Poi in the park
Nutters with poi

Railway Raver
Underground artist
Rephlex Records
Richard D. James' record label
Reed Ghazala's Site
Circuit bend those old toys

Drum and Bass site featuring upcoming events and downloads
Skam records
Manchester based label who have released works by Gescom and BOC
Sound on sound magazine
Magazine about production and gear lust
Shareware Music Machine
Software Synthesisers for win '95 thru to XP
Synthesis technology
DIY synthesiser and FX repairs and design
Excellent resource for all things electronic instrument - not just synths, samplers as-well
Top 25 Wav sites by List Site Pro
Free VSt plugins and info about modelling hardware

Technical Itch on MP3.com
Dirty Drum and Bass style undergound darkness.... HIGHLY recommended
Technique Recordings
Check out some tunes by Simon Bassline Smith and Drumsound
True Playaz
Zinc, Pascal, Hype, It's all good here. nice bit of flash
Free Plugins and Development tools / links / code. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Time + Space
Sample CD company
DJ Topaz
Underground Drum and Bass DJ, check the huge Links section for coffeeshop links
Tru playaz
Samples and news from the playaz

Urban Takeover
Drum and Bass Label
UI software
The sound designers best kept secret - HIGHLY recommended

V/VM recordings
Underground dance label
Vst Gui development page
Loads of stuff for developers

Warp records
Purveyors of the finest electronica and techno
Wipeout 3
Site design by TDR, Wip3out is 4 techno minds
Wise words by cool men
Movie Index
Weebl and bob
Weebl and bob's movie page
Wave spec
The the wave file specification

Yeti sports
Much fun to be had flinging penguins
Yahoo sample links
A long list of sample sites