We played our first gig on the 25th August 2002.
It was a 2intents beach party near Southport, miles down the beach in some dunes. Thanks to everyone who made the night possible, especially Tim with the plan and Tim with the soundsystem, who also DJd a dance set which covered everything from House to Electro to Breakbeats. Also shouts to Lee with his CD deep dance sessions.

Here are a few photos for your amusement. The thumbnails link to bigger pictures.

We played:
Hear these tunes!
Exponent at the controls Exponent Hard at work Exponent's rig It came, It conquered, and it only got a bit of sand in it Matts car sunk in the soft sand due to wheelspin, with the tide coming in and no other vehicles for 2 miles we were a bit f**ked for a while, but it all worked out OK in the end
Exponent in concert
There were lots of FX machines and stuff in the big black thing.
There were also lots of twiddly knobs on the mixer.
Hard at work
Staying on top of all the setting changes and patches
From the crowds perspective.
Thanks to all the people who danced.
We wish we had more photos, very few came out.
The Rack Box
Here we see it in it's prefered habitat.
The day after the gig we had to get the thing home.
Maximum respect to the driver, Matt.
A car in trouble.
It's a bitch that soft sand.
Thanks to the people who helped us get the car out of the hole.