Shouts and thanks to everyone who came to Techcentric.

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Massive thanks to EVIL WILL for mashing up his car to get there. Even bigger thanks to him for playing such a great set. As promised, dark forces were summoned and everyone we spoke to bigged it. Our set didn't get off without a couple of minor glitches, but overall everything went off in quite a large way. Thanks to everyone for their appreciation. A huge shout to DJ HIBSTER for his manic Jungle set (Pacman!!). Also we heard THE OAF (who played twice because Craig just didn't turn up), respect the filth selecta!!. Shouts to DJ SPIDER who trekked from Bristol to warm us up with Drum and Bass, I heard it get scratched up nicely.

Big thanks to Johnny and everyone at the RHYTHM FACTORY for being so hospitable. We recommend the place because they have some big stuff happening there and it's perfect for a club (fat sound, lights etc...). [ Check out TRAFFIC on the 11.04.03 ].

We also must thank: Cathy (for making the net), Jo (for getting the PE6 stuff), Johnny (for lending us his CD decks), Greg, Will, Kate and Posse (for bringing smoke and lasers), Matt (for the photos), Abdul (the man with the van), Dan (door duties), Jules (door duties), Matt (again for the door), Tamsin, (for helping with the door and the net) and anyone else who helped there. Dan (again, for being in our tunes and bringing his posse.....respect to the Dan Massive).

Stay tuned for Techcentric 2. Some time in the future.

Paul and Chris BZZZZZZZZZZZ Which direction is the stage? BZZZZZZZZZZZ Knob fiddling, Exponent style BZZZZZZZZZZZ The box in the smoke On stage at the Rhythm Factory Robot dancing is back! Who's got the goatiest beard?
The hokey kokey Gratuitous crowd shot BZZZZZZZZZZZ Just fixing a fag, honest Exponent and Evil Will on stage Bling!!
We played:

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