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All the latest news from Exponent

Exponent are proud to annouce the release of their first series of VST plugins. This is the first in a ongoing series, which will soon be expanded to include some more effects and synthesisers, which will be either free or pocket money prices.

If you would like to join our beta test team, plese email us

We have also released some new tunes for you to listen to (including a collaboration with Mc Coppa). Click on free tunes for more info.

We now have a forum!, if you have any comments this is best way to voice them.

We developed a web site for 4D Productions. We now offer web design as a service, but we still approach it as an artform.

Click here to download freeware VST by Exponent

Freeware vst plugins and musical software tools

Delta phase by Exponent

Exponent are proud to announce the release of the Delta Series of VST plugins. These have been custom developed by Exponent (with help from many people who we thank greatly). The Delta series offers a large possibility of effects, especially when chained, they are designed to run with very low overhead with very impressive sound quality.

Expect to see some seriously heavyweight VST synthesiser, filter and FX action in the near future.

Download SCal v4 Plus still available - SCal V4, the universal musical calculator.
We are currently developing a VST version of SCAL and a JAVA version for multi platform compatibility.

Click here to download free tunes by Exponent

FREE MP3 downloads

The catalogue contains a mixture of newer tunes, some older but previously unheard tunes (Spring, Radio Tune) and still a sprinkling of Established classics!
New for 2004 are our collaboration with Mc Coppa and RTR. We also present the definitive remix of All up in my business by Lady Libra.

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