Exponent are pleased to announce the release of their first VST format plugins.
For more informaiton about the plugins as well as our other software, please choose from the menu bar above

After two years research and development, the first batch of Exponent plugins sees the light of day.
Exponent plugins are presented in VST format for windows based systems only (if anyone is willing to help us to convert these plugins to other formats, we would be grateful to hear from you.)
Exponent plugins are currently all FREE.
If you like / use / have suggestions please email us. That way we can develop better applications for you
And still available is the much praised standalone application SCalV4. Soon to be available in various other flavours, it is sure to make your creative life much easier.
Coming soon other standalone systems, plus more VST plugins, including synths, effects and (possibly, if you guys request them) midi effects (using the new Steinberg effect plugin format)

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