Zoom Rfx 1000

Zoom Rfx 1000

The RFX-1000 was released at the same time as its larger brother (the RFX-2000). For 50 less, you get a cut down version of the 2000. So rather than focus on the 1000 as a new machine, I would direct you to read our RFX-2000 review , and will simply focus on the differences between the units.

So what was lost in the move? Firstly, and most drastically, all the midi has been removed. This is a big negative in my opinion, as it severely restricts the usefulness of the unit as a sound design tool (although it impacts much less on its ability to work as a standalone effects unit). Many of the effects have also been lost (although the Vocoder function remains), and the control surface has been peared down to only two knobs, plus the input, output and mix knobs. Gone are the digital outputs, as are the (reasonable, but not great) meters of the RFX-2000. Finally patch memory has been completely lost. In short it is a much degraded unit. Zoom Rfx 1000

The two knobs which control the effect (selected from a rotary switch on the far right of the unit and a corresponding bank slide switch just to its left) are the reverb character and reverb time knobs. The reverb character knob allows you to select from one of eleven preset options. The reverb character knob is continuously variable along an undefined scale, and both knobs can be used together to quickly set up patches.

As an effect unit, the RFX-1000 performs admirably, and the effects are clearly the same as the RFX-2000. The reverbs are slightly rough (which can be useful), but personally i prefer clean and clear reverb. The delays are usable, if not mind shattering, and the rest of the effects range from subtle to, wel, not quite a subtle. And i think this is one of the major problems for this unit. All the effects are slight, and do not tear your head off in the same way as the 2000 does.

The loss of midi control is a major loss, as is the loss of the Spdif output. But the one loss which can criple this unit is the loss of any way to store your effects patch. This in infuriating! (see downloads section for a way to deal with this.) Effect selector switch

I would however reccommend the RFX-1000 to anyone who wants a good second effects unit at a cheap price, while at the same time advising them to save an extra fifty pounds and getting the 2000. The losses in this unit are too great to suggest it as the only effects unit that someone should get.

On the whole a useful, but uninspiring unit, when compared with the RFX-2000.