Akai S2000

We were going to write an S2000 review, but then we upgraded.

However, for all of those people out there still using the S2000 (and we're sure there are MANY people making stunning music with an S2000), we have prepared a set of links.
Each of these links deals with a different part of the S2000. ALL of them are useful!
Please report any broken links to exponent@expdigital.co.uk

Akai file formats - By Paul Kellett
This resource is aimed at users of the S-series samplers who wish to know how their instrument stores information. Fairly hardcore, but for information purposes it is fantastic.
It also contains the AKAI-DISK utility to allow you to read, write and format akai format disks (including CDROM and HDD we think).

Sonic States S2000 Links page
This resource provides links to a few other sites, and is mostly helpful for general questions. You can also get the S2000 manual here.

Sonic States Akai Links page
Amazingly large links page, covering ALL the Akai samplers.

Synthzone - Akai page
This is the best Akai resource on the web. Also includes links to suppliers of replacement parts / free or cheap software and sample downloads.Should be the first port of call in your quest for answers.