News archive
11/02/2007 - We have released the Infinity API, a set of cross platform C++ libraries, with specific focus on music and writing VST plugins! It is free and available here
15/01/2007 - GFlux reviewed in Computer music magazine (UK)
03/11/2006 - Updated GFlux to version 1.0.2, fixed two bugs in preset loading and recall
02/11/2006 - GFlux release. Read more here
02/11/2006 - Exponent has a brand new website!
26/09/2006 - Fixed bug in windows installer of Delta Series.
21/09/2006 - New website version
28/08/2006 - Fixed filter resonance bug in Delta Filter. New build now available here
31/05/2006 - Delta Series now available for Mac Vst :)
11/05/2006 - Updated version of Delta Series made available.
02/05/2006 - BetaBass, an Exponent collaboration with our good friends at Betabugs is on the cover of Keys magazine and available on the cover disk
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