Infinity API File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Audio.h [code]Single include for the Audio package
Basics.h [code]Single include for the basics package
CAboutWindow.hpp [code]
CActionEvent.hpp [code]
CADSREditor.hpp [code]
CAlphaColour.hpp [code]
CAnimation.hpp [code]
CAnimationFrame.hpp [code]
CApplication.hpp [code]
CAreaBox.hpp [code]
CAssert.hpp [code]
CAudioBuffer.hpp [code]
CAutoAnimation.hpp [code]
CBaseImage.hpp [code]
CBitmapImage.hpp [code]
CBool.hpp [code]
CBounds.hpp [code]
CBrush.hpp [code]
CCenterSlider.hpp [code]
CClass.hpp [code]Definition of a class object
CClassManager.hpp [code]
CClip.hpp [code]
CClipBoard.hpp [code]
CColour.hpp [code]
CComboBox.hpp [code]
CControl.hpp [code]
CControlPanel.hpp [code]
CControlRoot.hpp [code]
CCountedObject.hpp [code]
CCriticalSection.hpp [code]
CCriticalSectionScope.hpp [code]
CCursor.hpp [code]
CDialog.hpp [code]
CDimension.hpp [code]
CDiskPathMenuItem.hpp [code]
CDisplayInformation.hpp [code]
CDLLLoader.hpp [code]
CDouble.hpp [code]
CDriveInformation.hpp [code]
CDropEvent.hpp [code]
CEmail.hpp [code]
CEndian.hpp [code]
CException.hpp [code]
CExponentParameter.hpp [code]
CFileInformation.hpp [code]
CFileManager.hpp [code]
CFileStream.hpp [code]
CFloat.hpp [code]
CFont.hpp [code]
CFontEnumerator.hpp [code]
CFontReference.hpp [code]
CFPUInformation.hpp [code]
CGraphics.hpp [code]
CHostCanDo.hpp [code]
CHtmlMenuItem.hpp [code]
CHtmlString.hpp [code]
CImageLabel.hpp [code]
CImageManager.hpp [code]
CJPEGImage.hpp [code]
CKeyboardEvent.hpp [code]
CKnob.hpp [code]
CLatchingButton.hpp [code]
CLevelMeter.hpp [code]
CLong.hpp [code]
CMathTools.hpp [code]
CMenu.hpp [code]
CMenuEvent.hpp [code]
CMenuItem.hpp [code]
CMenuItemDisplay.hpp [code]
CMenuWindow.hpp [code]
CMidi.hpp [code]
CMidiEvent.hpp [code]
CMidiEventList.hpp [code]
CMidiFile.hpp [code]
CMidiSequence.hpp [code]
CMidiTrack.hpp [code]
CModulatedSlider.hpp [code]
CModulatedXYPad.hpp [code]
CMomentaryButton.hpp [code]
CMouse.hpp [code]
CMouseEvent.hpp [code]
CMusicMath.hpp [code]
CNativeImage.hpp [code]
Collections.h [code]Single include for the Exponent Collections namespace
CollectionTypedef.h [code]Typedefs of Collections
Controls.h [code]Single include for the Controls package
CParameter.hpp [code]
CPascalString.hpp [code]
CPen.hpp [code]
CPNGImage.hpp [code]
CPoint.hpp [code]
CPolygon.hpp [code]
CPopupButton.hpp [code]
CPrecisionTimer.hpp [code]
CPresetBrowser.hpp [code]
CPresetIO.hpp [code]
CProgressBar.hpp [code]
CRadioButton.hpp [code]
CRangeSlider.hpp [code]
CRect.hpp [code]
CRegistry.hpp [code]
CRegistryInfo.hpp [code]
CRepeatingButton.hpp [code]
CRolloverButton.hpp [code]
CScrollBar.hpp [code]
CScrollBarImages.hpp [code]
CScrollEvent.hpp [code]
CScrollPanel.hpp [code]
CSelectableMenuItem.hpp [code]
CSlider.hpp [code]
CSliderArray.hpp [code]
CStepLabel.hpp [code]
CString.hpp [code]
CStringTokeniser.hpp [code]
CSubMenuMenuItem.hpp [code]
CSystemInformation.hpp [code]
CSystemString.hpp [code]
CTextEdit.hpp [code]
CTextIO.hpp [code]
CTextLabel.hpp [code]
CTextStream.hpp [code]
CTGAImage.hpp [code]
CThread.hpp [code]
CThreadManager.hpp [code]
CTime.hpp [code]
CTimeSignature.hpp [code]
CTrace.hpp [code]
CTriStateImage.hpp [code]
CVst.hpp [code]
CVstEffect.hpp [code]
CVstExceptionHandler.hpp [code]
CVstMidiEventList.hpp [code]
CVstTempo.hpp [code]
CVstWindow.hpp [code]
CWaveCycle.hpp [code]
CWindow.hpp [code]
CWindowAttributes.hpp [code]
CWindowDragTab.hpp [code]
CWindowIcon.hpp [code]
CWindowTools.hpp [code]
CXMLAttribute.hpp [code]
CXMLDocument.hpp [code]
CXMLNode.hpp [code]
CXYPad.hpp [code]
ECore.h [code]Single include for the ECore API
EGUI.h [code]Single include for the GUI package
EMusic.h [code]Single include for the Music package
Events.h [code]Single include for the Events package
EVST.h [code]Single include for the Exponent VST namespace
Exceptions.h [code]Single include for the Exceptions package
FontsInclude.h [code]Single include for the fonts package
GraphicsInclude.h [code]Single include for the graphics package
GUIBasics.h [code]Single include for the basics package
GUIDefines.h [code]Defintions of a few important things for the GUI package
Host.h [code]Single include for the host package
IActionListener.hpp [code]
IAudioFileFormat.hpp [code]
IControl.hpp [code]
IControlRoot.hpp [code]
ICountedObject.hpp [code]
IDragPanelListener.hpp [code]
IDropFileListener.hpp [code]
IFileBrowserValidator.hpp [code]
IFocusListener.hpp [code]
IImage.hpp [code]
IKeyboardListener.hpp [code]
IMenuListener.hpp [code]
IMouseListener.hpp [code]
IO.h [code]Single include for the IO package
IPresetHandler.hpp [code]
IScrollListener.hpp [code]
IThread.hpp [code]
IThreadListener.hpp [code]
ITimedObject.hpp [code]
IToolTip.hpp [code]
IToolTipListener.hpp [code]
IToolTipSupportingWindow.hpp [code]
IWindow.hpp [code]
IWindowChangeListener.hpp [code]
Listeners.h [code]Single include for the Lsiteners package
MathTools.h [code]Single include for the math package
Midi.h [code]Single include for the Exponent Midi namespace
Music.h [code]Single include for the Music package
SGraphicsHandle.hpp [code]
SMenuColours.hpp [code]
SSystemInformation.hpp [code]
StdDefines.h [code]Generic defines
StdIncludes.h [code]Generic include files
SVstProcessInformation.hpp [code]
SWindowHandle.hpp [code]
TAiffFileFormat.hpp [code]
TAudioBuffer.hpp [code]
TAudioFile.hpp [code]
TAutomaticPointer.hpp [code]
TCollection.hpp [code]
TComplex.hpp [code]
TCountedPointerArray.hpp [code]
Testing.h [code]Single include for the Testing package
Threading.h [code]Single include for the threading package
TMatrix.hpp [code]
TPointerCollection.hpp [code]
TPointerDeleter.hpp [code]
TRandomNumberGenerator.hpp [code]
TWaveFileFormat.hpp [code]
Windowing.h [code]Single include for the Windowing package

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