Infinity API Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
ExponentMain Exponent namespace
Exponent::AudioAudio processing namespace
Exponent::BasicsBasic component level namespace
Exponent::CollectionsMain Collections namespace
Exponent::ExceptionsException handling namespace
Exponent::GUIMain UI handling namespace
Exponent::GUI::BasicsBasic graphics handling routines
Exponent::GUI::ControlsControls that work with the Exponent graphics system
Exponent::GUI::EventsEvents that can be generated by the Exponent graphics system
Exponent::GUI::FontsMain Font handling namespace
Exponent::GUI::GraphicsMain Image and Drawing namespace
Exponent::GUI::ListenersProvides Event listener interfaces
Exponent::GUI::WindowingWindow handling classes
Exponent::HostHost specific functionality
Exponent::IOInput / Output namespace
Exponent::MathToolsMath functionality namespace
Exponent::MidiMidi processing namespace
Exponent::MusicMusic functionality namespace
Exponent::TestingDebugging support namespace
Exponent::ThreadingThreading namespace
Exponent::VstVST namespace

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