Infinity API Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Exponent::Audio::CAudioBufferA stereo audio buffer
Exponent::Audio::IAudioFileFormat< TypeName >Interface to an audio file format
Exponent::Audio::IAudioFileFormat< TypeName >::SAudioFileFormatBasic structure representing the format of the audio file
Exponent::Audio::TAiffFileFormat< TypeName >Specifies the aiff file format
Exponent::Audio::TAiffFileFormat< TypeName >::SAiffFileFormatStoreage for the file version of the aiff
Exponent::Audio::TAudioBuffer< TypeName >Template'd audio data collection
Exponent::Audio::TAudioFile< TypeName >A representation of an audio file
Exponent::Audio::TWaveFileFormat< TypeName >Specifies the wave file format
Exponent::Audio::TWaveFileFormat< TypeName >::SWaveFileFormatStoreage for the file version of the wave
Exponent::Basics::CBoolWrapper around bool type
Exponent::Basics::CClassClass representation class
Exponent::Basics::CClassManagerStores global class information
Exponent::Basics::CCountedObjectReference counted object
Exponent::Basics::CDoubleWrapper around built in double type
Exponent::Basics::CFloatWrapper around built in float type
Exponent::Basics::CHtmlStringLaunchable Html path storage
Exponent::Basics::CLongWrapper around built in type long
Exponent::Basics::CPascalStringPascal style string
Exponent::Basics::CStringString handling class
Exponent::Basics::CStringTokeniserString divider
Exponent::Basics::CSystemStringPath handling string class
Exponent::Basics::ICountedObjectInterface to a counted object
Exponent::Collections::TAutomaticPointer< TypeName >An automatic pointer that can be created on the stack to automatically delete any dynamically allocated resources
Exponent::Collections::TCollection< TypeName >Template'd array of elements
Exponent::Collections::TCountedObjectDeleter< TypeName >Templated deleter of objects
Exponent::Collections::TCountedPointerArray< TypeName >Template'd pointer array that will grow and shrink as necessary and holds counted objects
Exponent::Collections::TMatrix< TypeName >Template'd 2d array of a fixed size
Exponent::Collections::TObjectDeleter< TypeName >Templated deleter of objects
Exponent::Collections::TObjectNuller< TypeName >Templated nuller of objects
Exponent::Collections::TPointerCollection< TypeName >Template'd pointer array that will grow and shrink as necessary
Exponent::Collections::TPointerDeleter< TypeName >Templated deleter of pointers
Exponent::Exceptions::CExceptionGeneric Exception class
Exponent::GUI::Basics::CAlphaColourRepresentation of an RGBA colour
Exponent::GUI::Basics::CColourRepresentation of an RGB colour
Exponent::GUI::Basics::CDialogDefines several dialog boxes
Exponent::GUI::Basics::ITimedObjectEnables a class to recieve timer messages
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CADSREditorAllows you to edit an envelope, essential a four contrller fixed setup
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CAnimationDisplays an animation. You control the frame number with the controls float value
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CAnimationFrameDisplays an animation, you choose which frame its showing directly with an index
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CAreaBoxDraws a box round an area
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CAutoAnimationDisplays an animation automatically looping at begining and end using timers
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CCenterSliderA slider that goes is center detented grpahically around 0.5 - internal value still goes from 0.0 - 1.0
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CComboBoxDisplays text in a box area on click opens up a popup menu
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CControlBasic implementation of a do nothing control
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CControlPanelA control panel is a control that holds other controls It inherits from both CControl and CControlRoot, allowing you to pass it controls to add as children
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CControlRootImplementaton to an control root (control container)
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CDiskPathMenuItemMenu item that represents a file on the disk
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CHtmlMenuItemA representation of a menu item that can be lauched in a default browser
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CImageLabelDraw an image onscrreen
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CKnobAn rotary knob
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CLatchingButtonA button that changes state on each click of the mouse
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CLevelMeterDisplays a level meter
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CMenuA menu (basically a simple list)
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CMenuItemA representation of a menu item. Each menu item can have an image, a string, a sub menu item. You can also disable the item
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CMenuItemDisplayDisplays a single menu item
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CMenuItemDisplay::CMenuItemSelectableBasic Class to selection tick or x mark
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CMenuItemDisplay::CMenuItemSubMenuPointerBasic Class to draw the sub menu item pointer
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CModulatedSliderRepresents a modulated slider
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CModulatedXYPadAn xy controller that also display the modulation position
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CMomentaryButtonA button that goes on when the user clicks the mouse and off when they release the mouse button
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CPopupButtonPops up a menu when the button is clicked
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CPresetBrowserAllows the user to browse presets in a drag and droppable object
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CPresetBrowser::CPresetBrowserHeadThe head part of the preset browser with global controls for the unit
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CPresetBrowser::CPresetBrowserHead::SPresetBrowserHeadSetupSetup information for the head of the browser
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CPresetBrowser::CPresetBrowserSelectorSelector module, displays individual presets within a bank
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CPresetBrowser::CPresetBrowserSelector::CPresetTextLabelSpecialised text label for the drawing of preset names on the window
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CPresetBrowser::SPresetBrowserSetupSetup information about the browser
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CProgressBarA basic progress bar
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CRadioButtonMultiple linked buttons
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CRangeSliderA slider that allows you to change the top and bottom value as well as move the entire slider
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CRepeatingButtonA repeating button. If you keep the mouse down will keep firing event
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CRolloverButtonA rollover button with 3 states
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CScrollBarScroll bar
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CScrollBarImagesImages required by the scroll bars
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CScrollPanelScrollable control panel
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CSelectableMenuItemA representation of a menu item that can be checked or unchecked
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CSliderRepresents a slider
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CSliderArrayRepresents a slider array
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CStepLabelDisplays text in a box area, that can be incremented / decremented through a list
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CSubMenuMenuItemA representation of a menu item that can be have a submenu
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CTextEditDisplays text in a box area and allows the user to edit it
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CTextLabelDisplays text in a box area
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CTriStateImageShows three images and allows you to choose which
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CWaveCycleCyclic wave display
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CWindowDragTabHandle to a control
Exponent::GUI::Controls::CXYPadControl capable of movement in two dimensions
Exponent::GUI::Controls::IControlInterface to a control
Exponent::GUI::Controls::IControlRootInterface to a control root
Exponent::GUI::Controls::IPresetHandlerAllows for responding to preset handling requests
Exponent::GUI::Controls::SMenuColoursStores all the colours required for a menu widnow
Exponent::GUI::Events::CActionEventAllows for responding to control actions
Exponent::GUI::Events::CDropEventAllows for responding to drop file actions
Exponent::GUI::Events::CKeyboardEventAllows for responding to keyboard actions
Exponent::GUI::Events::CMenuEventAllows for responding to menu actions
Exponent::GUI::Events::CMouseEventAllows for responding to mouse actions
Exponent::GUI::Events::CScrollEventAllows for responding to scroll actions
Exponent::GUI::Fonts::CFontFont wrapper class
Exponent::GUI::Fonts::CFontEnumeratorEnumerates available system font
Exponent::GUI::Fonts::CFontReferenceReference to a font via name
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CBaseImageA basic implementation of an image, including its object counting
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CBitmapImageRepresents a system image. On windows this is a Bitmap format file and on OSX it is a PICT resource
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CBrushUsed for filling areas
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CGraphicsGraphics context - All drawing is actually done in this class
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CGraphics::SAlphaGraphicsSmall struct to store all of the alpha values required
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CImageManagerManages image loaded and getting in an application static wide format
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CImageManager::CAnimationReferenceReference to an animation image, key pair of image and name along with sizes
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CImageManager::CImageReferenceReference to an image, key pair of image and name
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CJPEGImageA jpeg image
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CNativeImageAn offscreen draw context
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CPenUsed for drawing lines
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CPNGImageRepresentation of a PNGImage
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CTGAImageA targa image
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CTGAImage::STGAHeaderThe header struct for TGA images,
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::CWindowIconRepresents a window icon - only applicable on PC
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::IImageInterface to an image
Exponent::GUI::Graphics::SGraphicsHandleCross Platform representation of a graphics handle
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IActionListenerAllows for responding to control events
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IDragPanelListenerAllows for responding to panel drag events
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IDropFileListenerAllows for responding to files being dropped on the controls/ / window
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IFileBrowserValidatorAllows you to validate an entry in a file browser tree
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IFocusListenerAllows windows to respond to focus events
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IKeyboardListenerAllows for responding to keyboard actions
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IMenuListenerAllows for responding to menu changes
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IMouseListenerAllows for responding to mouse actions
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IScrollListenerAllows for responding to scroll bar movements
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IToolTipListenerAllows a handler to respond to tool tip requests for display information
Exponent::GUI::Listeners::IWindowChangeListenerAllows windows to respond to change events such as sizing, moving etc.
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CAboutWindowABout window that is set to the centre of the screen
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CAboutWindow::CAboutRootReplacement control root that closes the window on click
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CClipApplies clipping functions to the GUI
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CCursorA cursor representation
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CMenuWindowSpecialised window for showing menus
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CMenuWindow::CMenuRootReplacement control root that is specific to a menu window.
Does lots of handy stuff associated with menus, such as determining its own size
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CMouseA mouse representation
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CWindowImplementation of a window
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CWindow::CTimerObjectMac Specific inner timer object, ties together the CFTimer stuff and our timers
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CWindowAttributesAttributes of a window
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::CWindowToolsLots of tools for dealing with windows
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::IToolTipInterface to a tool tip window
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::IToolTipSupportingWindowSpecifies a window that can support a tooltip
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::IWindowInterface to a window. All window classes must implement this interface
Exponent::GUI::Windowing::SWindowHandleCross Platform representation of a window handle
Exponent::Host::CApplicationStores information about the applicaton
Exponent::Host::CClipBoardProvides access to the system clipboard
Exponent::Host::CDisplayInformationGives informaiton about the displays attatched to the system
Exponent::Host::CDLLLoaderLoads a Dll and provides access to functions
Exponent::Host::CDriveInformationGives informaiton about the disk structure on the host system
Exponent::Host::CEmailAllows you to send an email message
Exponent::Host::CEmail::SEmailDescriptionSmall Struct that needs to be filled in to send an email
Exponent::Host::CEndianEndian conversion routines and byte swapping
Exponent::Host::CFileInformationStores information about a file
Exponent::Host::CFileManagerManages folders and files
Exponent::Host::CFPUInformationProvides info about the host system FPU architecture
Exponent::Host::CRegistryRead / Write to the registry
Exponent::Host::CRegistryInfoStore the name and value of a single key from the registry
Exponent::Host::CSystemInformationProvides info about the host system
Exponent::Host::CTimeStores the current time
Exponent::Host::SSystemInformationStructure for host info
Exponent::IO::CFileStreamBinary file stream, writes platform independant (ie endian swapped) data in binary format
Exponent::IO::CPresetIOTextual preset saving to a stream
Exponent::IO::CTextIOQuick read and write of text files
Exponent::IO::CTextStreamText stream to and from the disk
Exponent::IO::CXMLAttributeRepresents an xml attributes item
Exponent::IO::CXMLDocumentRepresents an xml document tree
Exponent::IO::CXMLNodeRepresents an xml node
Exponent::MathTools::CBoundsEnsure certain ranges are adhered to
Exponent::MathTools::CDimensionRepresentation of a dimension
Exponent::MathTools::CExponentParameterMaps a 0 - 1.0 double to a new range with exponential mapping
Exponent::MathTools::CMathToolsA few handy maths functions. Sppedy version of std c++ functions are prefixed fastXXX
Exponent::MathTools::CParameterMaps a 0 - 1.0 double to a new range
Exponent::MathTools::CPointRepresentation of a position
Exponent::MathTools::CPolygonRepresentation of a polygon
Exponent::MathTools::CRectRectangle object
Exponent::MathTools::TComplex< TypeName >Complex object
Exponent::MathTools::TRandomNumberGenerator< TypeName >Generates a (not too) random floating point number
Exponent::Midi::CMidiProvides midi functions and values
Exponent::Midi::CMidiEventWrapper class around a midi event
Exponent::Midi::CMidiEventListProvides handling for a buffers worth of midi
Exponent::Midi::CMidiFileProvides SMF i/o
Exponent::Midi::CMidiFile::SMidiEventMidiEvent header
Exponent::Midi::CMidiFile::SMTHDChunkChunk header for midi files
Exponent::Midi::CMidiFile::SMTRKChunkTrack header for midi files
Exponent::Midi::CMidiSequenceProvides an extensible array of midi events. As this can cause dynamic allocation this class is not intended for real time usage when writing, reading is fine dynamically
Exponent::Midi::CMidiTrackProvides an extensible array of midi events.
Exponent::Music::CMusicMathLots of calculations with musical relevance : ** ITS SCAL AS A CLASS! **
Exponent::Music::CMusicMath::CFrequencyTableA class to calculate the midi/frequency table
Exponent::Music::CTimeSignatureA representation of a time signature
Exponent::Testing::CAssertProvides debugging assert support
Exponent::Testing::CPrecisionTimerProvides a high accuracy timer for measuring process block CPU usage
Exponent::Testing::CTracePrinting to the console, follows printf formatting conditions
Exponent::Threading::CCriticalSectionA wrapper around a cross platform critical section
Exponent::Threading::CCriticalSectionScopeA wrapper around a cross platform critical section that is scope specific and requires a critical section to be supplied
Exponent::Threading::CThreadImplementation of a wrapper around a cross platform thread
Exponent::Threading::CThreadManagerHandles start and processing of threads
Exponent::Threading::IThreadA wrapper around a cross platform thread
Exponent::Threading::IThread::SThreadHandleCross platform thread handle
Exponent::Threading::IThreadListenerA listener to threading information
Exponent::Vst::CHostCanDoStores information about what a host can do
Exponent::Vst::CVstHas statics related to VST
Exponent::Vst::CVstEffectImplements a Vst 2.3 AudioEffectX
Exponent::Vst::CVstExceptionHandlerHandles exceptions inside a VSt, and prints / saves certain handy information
Exponent::Vst::CVstMidiEventListMidi event list with specialist functionality for VST interaction
Exponent::Vst::CVstTempoGets and store info about the Vst Tempo information
Exponent::Vst::CVstTempo::SSongInformationStores all the information about the song for the current process buffer
Exponent::Vst::CVstWindowA VST specific window class
Exponent::Vst::CVstWindow::CParentWindowInner clas that represents a parent window
Exponent::Vst::SVstProcessInformationStores info about the current setup of the vst (blocksize, sr, bpm etc)

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